RESNET Extends Practical Simulation Exam Deadline

Due to technical and software issues effecting the training and exams, RESNET and Interplay are temporarily suspending the HERS
Practical Simulation exam, from April 12, 2017 until May 15, 2017.

BER will not be accepting registrations for exams during this period. To allow for these issues, RESNET has extended the due date for the Practical Simulation to 9/1/17. Certified Raters will need to complete the exam between 5/16/17 and 8/31/17 to maintain HERS Certification.


According to RESNET Standards, as of July 1, 2016, HERS Rater Candidates are now required to pass the RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Test to earn their certification.

Certified HERS Raters must to pass the RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Test by September 1, 2017 to maintain their certification. Existing Certified HERS Raters will earn
10 RESNET Professional Development credits for fulfilling this requirement.

The RESNET HERS Practical Simulation exam consists of two distinct house types. Candidates must correctly demonstrate their knowledge of field testing these two homes at a minimum score of 80% on each house. The interactive software is similar to that used for the CAZ simulation training.

HERS Raters and Rater candidates can register themselves for the training here:

Dates and Info to Remember:

  • Cost of exam: $250.00
  • Requirement for Rater Candidates
    • Began July 1, 2016
  • Requirement for Existing Raters
    • Must be completed by September 1, 2017
    • $50 discount off Cost of exam for existing certified Raters
      • The coupon code is: currentrater
      • This coupon is not available for rater candidates.

All technical support questions regarding Interplay’s simulation software shall be submitted directly to:

While we feel confident that you will be able to navigate the system with little or no additional support, we are available to assist you if needed. Once you have completed the exam, please upload a copy of your results to the Document tab of your BER Portal profile.

If you have completed the RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Training and wish to schedule your final exam, click here.