RESNET Practical Simulation Exam Registration

This registration form is for the final exam proctoring administration fee of $30 only. The RESNET Practical Simulation Exam must be purchased separately by visiting the website at: If you have already purchased the RESNET Practical Simulation Training and Exam package from RESNET, please complete the registration form below.

You may be nearing the point at which you will be ready to schedule your RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Exam. The exams are to be proctored. You will need to locate a local proctor such as a public library, community college, or other approved testing center and schedule a date and time with them. Please be aware that the test allows for a total of 4 hours testing time and also allows for re-takes if necessary. You will need to ensure that the Proctor has the fully allotted time available.

We will need some time to get this set up for you. Please contact us 3 days prior to the time you wish to take the exam.

Once you have scheduled an exam session with your chosen proctor, please complete the exam registration form below and submit with your payment. We will register you for the exam based on the information you provide. Upon completion of the registration and payment, you and your proctor will receive emails containing testing instructions.

If you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance to you, please contact
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